I am passionate about lifelong learning. I put great value in the quote from the visionary and master of continual quality improvement, Dr W. Edwards Deming.  “There is no substitute for knowledge.”

I partner with  SQT Training Ltd. to deliver a world-class training experience, sharing my real-world insights, stories and techniques to empower and inspire trainees to help their organisations reach the highest standards, maintain compliance and drive efficiency.  SQT Training Ltd. is a leading training organisation and has provided training solutions for over 25 years to Ireland, the UK and beyond. I support clients with training onsite/remotely and deliver the following training courses. 

·     Internal Quality Auditing

·     ISO 17025:2017 

·     ISO 13485:2016

·     Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty for Testing laboratories in the Food Sector 

·     Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty for Testing laboratories in the Life Science Sector 


The Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty training course was developed in Jun 2020 for physical, chemical, and microbiological testing laboratories in response to client demand and this covers the following approaches for estimation of measurement uncertainty;

·     GUM 'Guide to Measurement Uncertainty'

·     Single Lab Validation and Quality Control data estimation of measurement uncertainty

·     Use Proficiency Testing data for estimation of measurement uncertainty

·     Reproducibility replicates for microbiological testing based on ISO 19036:2019 for estimation of measurement uncertainty


Clients report that I make the concept of measurement uncertainty easier to understand. The statistical calculations may appear daunting at first however like any process the estimation of uncertainty can be broken down into easier to manage steps.  The delegates are given an opportunity to practice each calculation that I demonstrate.

​All training programs are delivered through  SQT Training Ltd.and can be customised to meet your requirements